She took her time.

She took her time in making the mantel.

I aksed her if she would make me one.

She said,    

               "NO, HASTA QUE TE CASES"

When the time came

               She took her time making it.

               each hook. . .

               each loop. . .

She made you wait because with every pull of the thread

               She prayed for you. . .

                                                For your future family

                                                For your future

It was her gift.

It became the foundation for our gatherings.

It became a platform for our food.

                                           Our food that was made

                                           CON TANTO AMOR

Over time it became worn,

                  it became torn and stained

But I grew to like it better that way.

                   it showed our history

                                     OUR HISTORIA DE AMOR Y CONVIVENCIA.


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