This textile is what remains of my childhood blanket, Banky.  Banky is a cotton blend leno striped weave textile.  The binding is a synthetic satin.  


As a child, my first memory of comfort was rubbing the satin binding on my upper lip. I remember it being so silky...until it caught a tiny hair and stung.  I think this memory strongly informed my love of textiles.  I have hung onto this blanket because it is my most valuable possession.  The blanket is paired with a teddy bear, a rabbit, and another bear.  In times of fear and sadness, I drag the blanket and stuffed animals out to hang onto when I sleep.  In the past, I have been embarrassed about this but I don't care anymore. It wasn't until I became a textile artist that I was able to learn more about the materials and fabrication.  It's given me something each step of my life.  


- Kyla Sjogren

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