I got my grandparent's style

Both of these outfits were amongst the few things I ‘inherited’ from my maternal grandparents (Ông, bà ngoại) after each of their deaths. Me and Mum, the only sister out of 7 siblings, were left with the Labor of cleaning and clearing out their belongings from their bedroom. I was able to learn more about these people who I had been estranged from who has raised me when I was younger. And I learned about their very impressive style and love of bold geometry. Both these outfits I have worn at times, but identifying on the masc side of non-binary the Items from my Grandfather get more airtime. I think about how disapproving they would be if they saw me wear his clothes, and that when they bought/made these, they probably weren’t thinking that their first born grandkid would be mourning over them, holding them up to their face years later to catch a whiff of their familiar, comforting smell.

Also pictured is my household altar.

- Vo Vo

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